Web Mining with CROAT WebMiner

One more service we've provided is: web mining. It consists in mining a cryptocoin with some of your CPU processing power. While visiting a web page, since all the required software is included in it, without the need of installing anything else, the webminer uses your PC's CPU for executing the cryptographic mathematic calculations.

Even while there are other services like this on the Internet, in some cases without letting the user know what's being executed, CROAT.community wants to provide a different (more useful, in our opinion) approach. Explained, it would be:

  • The main idea is that the tool be used as a mean for donation.
  • That the tool be presented to the user, before being executed in background, with a modal dialog "similar to the ones that already appear to claim your consent on the use of cookies".
  • That the user be informed about the result of using the tool, be able to consent and to stop/start its execution at will.

As an example, we could think of a non-profit entity. Maybe an association specialized in helping handicapped persons. Visitors to the association's web, while using its services, reading information, managing, or simply willing to collaborate, will surely accept the (webminer) tool's execution's consent message. Given that it takes no personal "effort" and knowing that, during their navigation time, they're contributing to mining the CROAT cryptocoin in favor of the entity's wallet.

The webminer is based on a project called (Crypto-Webminer). This code, takes 1% of all generated hashes for itself; helping thus, to maintain and develop its own project.