Who we are?

At CROAT Community we are a group of users of the Catalan cryptocurrency. It was born of the need to help the dissemination of CROAT and to implement new features, utilities, tools, support and maintenance.

We are motivated by the fact that Catalonia must achieve a leader technological level and we want to directly participate in it.

The composition of the promoter group, which has emerged naturally from within the bulk of CROAT users, CROAT Communityhas several personal profiles, ranging from the most advanced field in technology to marketing and communication.

We consider CROAT an economic tool of the first magnitude that the developers made available to the Catalan people, mainly, so that others could spread it by improving and expanding the ecosystem.

We are convinced that CROAT is the best possible currency to coexist with the euro in our territory and that is able to capitalize the Catalan economy to unexpected levels. Its growing internationalization helps in this regard, and everything suggests that its value will be adjusted in time to its equivalence in accordance with its degree of use.

With a powerful economy like Catalan, at CROAT we augure a splendid future.

CROAT Community, as a collaborative group, is open to any initiative that helps to improve our currency in any way.