¿What is CROAT?

With almost 500 years history, CROAT was one of the more lasting and most penetrating Catalan currencies.

It was made of silver and was created in 1285. Its existence was thanks to the king Pere III the Great of Aragon, Pere I king of Valencia and Pere II the count of Barcelona. It was known as CROAT from Barcelona and, also, xamberg. On the side there was the effigy of the Count of Barcelona, ​​and on the reverse, the great cross to which the name was called.

The last CROATS were made in Barcelona in the years 1705 and 1706: first, in the name of Philip V of Borbón and, later, of Carlos III of Austria.

The CROAT was an important part of the history of the Catalan people and that is why our cryptocurrency adopts its name.

CROAT as an altcoin, brings the coin from past to the future and now it's here for history!

The CROAT Coin project began to satisfy the need to offer a virtual currency to the Catalan people, created not only because of the current economic needs but also because of historical, cultural and personal.

Catalonia has great economic potential and CROAT is a very powerful tool to accelerate the economic development of our territory.

It has not been created by any institution, government or official organization, but by a group of passionate developers by Catalonia, with the objective of creating a tool to be used by people, governed by people and that contributes direct benefits to people .

"Although we firmly believe in the future of Catalonia, we are not politically subscribed to any group."

Among the group of developers there are people with different political points of view, but they all agree at one point: they believe in the future of CROAT Coin as The Catalan Altcoin.

"People deserve the right to have access to CROAT, regardless of their political opinions. In the end, it's just money. And we firmly believe that people should have the right to govern and control it, not institutions, nor political parties, or central banks" this is what the creators of the Catalan cryptocurrency say.